Airflow & Velscope


Airflow & Velscope

Airflow Therapy is an efficient tool used by hygienists, clinicians and specialists to treat advanced perio and specialty cases.


Airflow Therapy is used to treat biofilm with a unique management system which works for every patient.

This system is designed in such a way that it can reach and remove biofilm on the most difficult surfaces such as crowded teeth, implants and ortho brackets. Airflow addresses biofilm, stain removal which are effective on surfaces as deep as 5mm.

Dental professionals recommend Airflow for more efficient appointments and happier patients. Hygienists also have more time for perio charting and critical screenings. Airflow is different from traditional air polishing systems because it offers a more versatile treatment option compared to sodium bicarbonate powders. After the Airflow treatment, dentists educate their patients about the leading-edge device.


VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System is a modern technology for visualizing the abnormalities in the mouth. It is extensively helpful for early detection of oral cancer. Our professionals at Phoenixville ensure that they are always at the top of the game and that is why they recommend using VELscope- an innovative tool for oral cancer diagnosis.

Early detection of oral cancer is necessary to maximize the chances of successful treatment and provide a better quality of life. VELscope excites the molecules in the mucous membrane using a superior blue light instead of the conventional visual screening. VELscope is an excellent tool to detect abnormal flouroscene patterns that depict how cells are just beginning to make their transformation into pre-cancerous cells.

Overall, VELscope has proven to be an innovative medical device which helps the global concern of early detection through a cost- effective and user friendly manner.

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